Explosive Revelation Claims Jack The Ripper Didn’t Just Kill Prostitutes

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The mystery of Jack The Ripper has been baffling police for over a hundred years, but now it seems it may not have just been prostitutes he took to killing…


The notorious killer got away with the slaughtering of at least five unfortunate souls in London in the late 1800s, previously believed to all be prostitutes.

Now a potentially enlightening revelation from an author who has dedicated her career to trying to unravel the case, believes the sinister killer may have had some other victims.

City of London police archives

Author of Ripper: Secret Life of Walter Sickert, Patricia Cornwall believes painter Walter Sickert, was the man behind the knife and killed a number of people, including children.


In fact, far from having five victims, the author disturbingly believes there were many unfortunate people who succumbed to the serial killer’s slaying’s, but were not attributed to him at the time.

She told the Mirror:

He didn’t kill only five people, and he didn’t stop in November 1888.

This isn’t a guess or a wish. I’m basing my conclusions on scientific evidence that would hold up in court.

Walter Sickert- George Charles Beresford

If the author’s claims are true, who knows how many victims the Ripper could have had?

It’s certainly an unnerving thought that will continue to mystify detectives for many years to come.

Patricia Cornwall’s book Ripper: Secret life of Walter Sickert is available on Amazon.

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