Eye Witnesses Describe What Happened During Westminster Terror Attack

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Eye witnesses in Westminster have described the moment an attacker stabbed a policeman in Westminster

The attack happened at roughly 14.45, reportedly starting on Westminster Bridge where a vehicle drove into pedestrians before continuing to the gates of Parliament in London.

Describing the attack, journalist Kevin Schofield said:

We heard a very loud bang outside the press gallery. We heard lost of shouting, there were men running around. Then I looked to my left and someone rushed through gates at Westminster and attacked a policeman.

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Another policeman came and rescued him and the man who assaulted him got up and appeared to be carrying a knife. We heard lots of gunfire. Five or six rounds.

Sky News’s Alan Parry said:

I was just outside Westminster tube station when I heard an almighty crash and a vehicle that looked like a 4×4 had crashed into the railings (at parliament). There was smoke coming from underneath the bonnet. I saw a pedestrian or a cyclist who had clearly been hit.

The driver of the car sprinted away from the scene. That was followed by four what sounded very much like gunshots. Then all of a sudden all hell was let loose and police descended everywhere. The whole area was locked down.

It was a frightening couple of minutes.

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Another eye witness account comes from Don Brind who said that he heard gun shot and saw two people lying on the ground who appeared injured.

Brind, who is a researcher for MPs said:

I looked and I saw a civilian on the ground, with somebody standing over him with what I assumed to be a gun.

Then I looked and about 10 yards away, there was a yellow jacketed person on the ground, who appeared to be alive and talking.


He was under the assumption that the person in the high-visible jacket was a police officer.

Various other eyewitnesses have described disturbing scenes on Westminster Bridge, where a 4×4 drove onto the pavement, ploughing into pedestrians.

One man described seeing between 8-10 people lying injured on the bridge as well as a body in the Thames.

The attacker has been described as a middle-aged man and is reported to have been carrying a 7-8 inch knife while running from the car after it crashed into railings outside Parliament Yard.

He is reported to have stabbed a police officer before himself being shot.

Matt Haikin, 44, from London told the BBC he was in shock after seeing the aftermath of the crash on the bridge.

He said:

I just saw a car that had clearly driven off the road into the fence outside Parliament. As I went past I noticed there was a body next to it and quite a lot of blood and people standing around.

Fairly shortly after I heard some shots, at which point it was clear it wasn’t just an accident, something else was going on.

He then moved to look through the Palace of Westminster gates and saw ‘a lot of people, people in uniform, I think I saw a couple of bodies on the ground, I couldn’t tell you if they’d been asked to lie down or if they were injured’.

Tragically, reports have come in from a junior doctor at St Thomas hospital in westminster stating that one woman has lost her life in the incident while others have suffered ‘catastrophic injuries’.

More to follow.