Facebook Page Of Missing Couple Mysteriously Starts Posting Creepy Stuff

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Oct 2016 11:04

On August 31 Charlie Carver and Kala Brown went missing and neither has been seen since but a series of odd posts on Charlie’s Facebook have their families concerned.

Charlie and Kala were supposed to head to a friends house after they finished work for dinner but the couple never arrived The Daily Beast reports.

Since disappearing no one has had any contact with Charlie or Kala and the last known sighting of Kala is security footage of her leaving work place in South Carolina.


Charlie and Kala’s phones have been switched off since they disappeared and their car, a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, is missing from the driveway.

The door to their home was found unlocked and medicines, glasses and contact lenses were discovered inside as well as the couples dog.


Despite the strangeness of the situation police have found no evidence of foul play and currently have no clues or leads on where the couple may have disappeared to.

Things took a sinister turn earlier this month however when Charlie’s Facebook began posting again.  Charlie’s friends and family have noted that the posts are exceptionally odd and they speculate he’s been hacked.


One post which has since been deleted alleged that the couple were safe while the weirdest message announced the couple had gotten married.


The situation is ongoing.

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