Facebook’s Like Button Might Be Illegal


Did you know that when you like something on Facebook you are sharing your data with the social network? A German Court has ruled that such practices are illegal because users are not properly warned beforehand.

As reported in The Independent, the Dusseldorf district court stated that a clothing website owned by retailer P&C, which uses a like button on their website, did not warn users that without even having a Facebook account their browsing history would be sent to the social media site.

According to Reuters, the court stated: 

A mere link to a data protection statement at the foot of the website does not constitute an indication that data are being or are about to be processed.


The court said that the practice was a breach of Germany’s tough data protection laws, and P&C could have to pay a penalty of up to £192,000.

Now companies which use the same tactic will have to make it obvious to customers that liking their website will send their data through to Facebook.

Although Facebook was not directly affected by the court’s hearing, the case depicts even more scrutiny which Facebook has been undergoing in Europe for its data collection and ad practices.