Fail: Police Spotted Hiding Speed Cameras Within Tractor And Horse Box

by : UNILAD on : 30 Sep 2015 02:54

Sneaky, but not sneaky enough. Users of the B1253 in Yorkshire beware, you are being watched

Police in the east of England were caught out by an observant member of the public who photographed an officer lurking at the side of a country road within a John Deere tractor. A separate image allegedly shows the same tactic within a car and horse box.


The officer from Humberside Police within the farm vehicle appears to have a speed camera in his possession, utilising deception tactics to catch speeding drivers.

The images were uploaded to Facebook by Daz Smith, who also wrote:

be on your guard the sneaky tactics are in use again…at least we know yhe police funds (sic) are being well spent as the tractor at least can be used for other activities like spreading more c***”

The method has been met with similar furor from local road users, but police have been swift in their response arguing that the operation is in the best interest of the community.


Inspector Mark Hughes has said:

We regularly record speeds in the high 90’s and over 100 mph, these being on country roads where the National Speed Limit of 60 mph is in force.

It goes without saying that such speeds on these roads are inherently dangerous, particularly when you consider how many side roads and field entrances there are.

Someone pulling out onto the road does not expect a vehicle coming towards them at such high speeds, the likelihood of a catastrophic collision is raised considerably.

This Operation is aimed at the small percentage of riders/drivers, who insist on driving at dangerously high speeds on our country roads, not only endangering themselves, but other innocent road users.”

Even the Association of Chief Police Officers have recommended in the past that speed traps should be set where they are clearly visible to the public.

It is an interesting case, is it paranoid to think if you give them an inch and they will take a mile with regards to snooping? Or is it of greater importance dangerous drivers are dealt with effectively?

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