Faith In Humanity Restored, Strangers Raise Over $38,000 For Homeless Father And Son

Leon Logothetis/YouTube

The world can be cruel, and sometimes there is simply no rhyme nor reason to it. But people can also be incredibly awesome, as one homeless single father recently found out in Denver, Colorado.

James Moss took his one-year-old son Zhi and left New York in search of a better life, but when he landed in their new home of Denver, disaster struck.

The housing arrangement James had organised collapsed, and the two were left homeless and in desperate need of help.

That help was waiting unbeknownst to James on a Denver street, in the form of Leon Logothetis and his #GoBeKindTour.

Logothetis, who is touring the world spreading random acts of kindness, heard James and Zhi’s story and then turned their world upside down with $1,000 (around £650) and a week in a hotel. But the story did not end there.

The video has been watched over 800,000 times and a gofundme page was quickly set up to help the lovable father and son.

Kayla Heskett described the page’s intention as follows:

This go fund me is for James. James is an extraordinary father and man. He came to Denver colorado last month from new York, in hopes of making a better life for his son. Well the tables turned on him. This didn’t turn out how it was suppose to be, leaving James and his son homeless and car-less. In the first two days James was here he happened to run into an amazing man named Leon Logothetis. Leon travels the country performing random acts of kindness. He and James shared their story and Leon helped him with a weeks stay in a hotel and 1,000 dollars. That’s been a month ago. Today when I spoke to James and Leon, James is currently in a shelter with his almost two year old son. He currently has a job as a barber but has no reliable transportation. We are trying to raise money for James to get a reliable vehicle with the brutal colorado weather that is coming so that his son won’t be out in freezing temperatures walking to work with his dad. (James takes his son to work with him currently because he’s in need of daycare). Lets make this happen for him and his son and show him some love and that there are still good people left in this world.

After just six days over 1,200 people have raised more than $38,000 (about £25,000) to get James back on his feet, and able to provide a life for his son that he so desperately wants to be able to.

James is still in his job as a barber, has safe accomodation, and even gets to see his son throughout the day.

Faith in humanity restored.