Fallout 4 Educational Video Explains Use Of Perception In The Wasteland


In the second of Bethesda’s educational video series on Fallout 4, we’re introduced to the importance of Perception.

Last week, Bethesda kick-started their video series on S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills with Strength, and have now followed the clip up with this look at Perception. Produced by the fake Vault-Tec company, the videos follow the exploits of series mascot Vault Boy as he traverses the perils of the Fallout Wasteland.

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Your V.A.T.S. system accuracy is helped by having a high Perception, as is your ability to steal things you find in the Wasteland. The video also lays out how Perception is important for assessing your surroundings, handling explosives and long range accuracy.

More of these mock-educational videos will be uploaded in the run up to Fallout 4’s release date on November 10.