Fallout 4’s Infinite Caps Glitch Gives Access To Vendor’s Full Inventory


It’s a sad sight – millions of desperate wanderers scrambling around the wasteland, shooting each other with pipe pistols to get a fist full of caps. Well, now they don’t have to with this super simple Fallout 4 glitch.

Barely a couple of days into its life, and Fallout 4 has already consumed the hearts and minds of nearly everyone it’s touched. Being so new, it’s also rife with glitches – glitches like getting unlimited access to a vendor’s stash. Perfect.

The video below will show you exactly how to get the glitch working, but if you’d prefer a written version, GameZone have done a pretty comprehensive guide. It should also be noted that Bethesda will almost certainly fix this bug imminently with the game’s first update, so if you’re super poor, you’ll want to act fast.

Just rinse and repeat until you’re the king or queen of the wasteland with tons of caps and every vendor’s inventory.