Fallout And Counter Strike Collide In This Incredible Video


Filthy casuals, coming into Counter Strike and using V.A.T.S. Back in my day, we had to rub our skin off with sandpaper before we could even hold the controller. That’s how real men play.

Of course, Westracer’s new video for Nuclear Strike is a game we’ll never see in reality, but it’s awesome to see what it’d look like if the world of Counter Strike and Fallout combined.

As you can imagine, it’s still pretty violent and headshots are still very much a good thing (although when are they not in videogame land?).

Untitled-1Ewan Moore | UNILAD

The video itself is wonderfully smooth – if we could get a Fallout game where using the Pip-Boy is anywhere near as responsive and quick to use, I’d be one happy customer.

Check out the video below, and tell me you wouldn’t love to see this game get made.

Personally I’m still waiting on a mash up of Fallout and Animal Crossing in which the cute, cartoony animals are forced to fight to death with sharp sticks for the last bottle of water in an irradiated village. Someone make that happen.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

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