Fallout: New Vegas Speedrun World Record Broken


Anyone out there hoping to claim the fastest speedrun time for Fallout: New Vegas? It’s not a common dream, I admit – but the bar has just been raised in a big way.

Speedrunner Kungkobra managed to fly through the Vegas based post apocalyptic romp in a breathtaking 19:52. How did they manage this feat? With glitches and various exploits, of course.

You can find a full list here, but some of the tricks used include playing the game in Italian as it’s quicker than English, skipping NPC dialogue through quick saves, clipping through walls, and using an exploit that involves breaking his leg to gain a 152% speed boost.

It should be noted for any younger (or stupid) readers that breaking your legs in real life will not increase your speed in any way – unless you’re lucky enough to know a scientist who can build you some kind of rocket fueled wheelchair, but those odds are slim.

Anyway, you can watch the run just below.

Twenty minutes in to a Bethesda RPG, I’m usually still deciding on the width and depth of my cheekbones, so well done to this guy for smashing through the game with such speed.