Family Ant Crashed Into Reveal His Reaction Moments After Collision


The family involved in Ant McPartlin’s suspected drink-driving car crash have spoken about the traumatic incident.

Restaurant owner Faheem Vanoo and his chef wife Shilpa Dandekar were driving on their way to work with their four-year-old daughter Amaira and two colleagues when Ant’s car collided with theirs in Richmond, London, on Sunday.

41-year-old Faheem has described how he swerved at the last minute before impact, an act he believes saved his family’s lives.

Faheem Vanoo/Facebook

Faheem told The Sun:

His Mini came flying around a sharp corner on the wrong side of the road trying to overtake a blue car.

I hardly had time to react and turned in towards the kerb to avoid a head-on collision.

I’m convinced that split-second turn of the wheel saved us all from being crippled or killed. I reckon he was doing 50 or 60mph.

Faheem was angry and shaken, seeing as his wife and child were in the car as well, and could care less about the fact it was a well-loved celebrity like Ant who caused the accident.

He added:

I don’t care whether he’s a millionaire and I don’t care whether he’s a famous TV star — he could have put my daughter in a wheelchair.

He also remembers ‘an enormous bang’ which jolted around the car. Faheem said, ‘Fortunately I was only doing 20mph, we were all wearing seatbelts and my little girl was strapped into a child seat. But it was still a big impact.’

Faheem Vanoo/Facebook

Shilpa said she was so angry with the Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celebrity co-host she had to be retrained when confronting him – despite sustaining a burst lip as a result of the collision.

She told The Sun:

I was so angry with him I lost my cool and tried to run up to him and smash his face — I had to be held back.

After I calmed down someone asked him if he was ok but he never said a word to us and never apologised. The horn of his car was blaring and my little girl was crying in shock. It was a terrible, chaotic scene

Faheem told MailOnline:

It is not something that we ever expected, but we are just grateful that no one was hurt.

It has been a terrible experience and it feels like we are coming out of a nightmare. It has left us all a bit shaken up.


Ant was later arrested by police on suspicion of drink-driving after he failed a roadside breathalyser test. In the fall out of the collision, ITV has placed Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on indefinite hiatus while Ant checks himself back into rehab again.

Police have confirmed an investigation is currently underway. Faheem revealed he has been forbidden to discuss ‘certain things’ about Sunday’s events and has refused to comment on whether he has been contacted by Ant personally.

He goes onto say:

… the main thing is that we are all safe. My daughter and wife are okay and were not injured. She is fine. We are all okay.


This morning Ant’s long-term sidekick and best friend Declan Donelly revealed how devasted he was after he found out Ant would be returning to rehab and is worried about the pair’s future on TV.