Family Dies After Falling Into Volcanic Crater In Italy


A couple, along with one of their children, have died after falling into a volcanic crater in Italy after they allegedly crossed through a safety barrier.

One of the couple’s children is understood to have fallen into the Solfatara crater at Pozzuoli, near Naples before the child’s mother and father reportedly then went to help.

It’s thought the family got into difficulties and ‘died instantly’ apart from one child.


According to the Metro, a second child, aged seven, managed to escape and survived.

The cause of death hasn’t yet been determined but reports say the family could have died as a result of ‘extreme temperatures’, or the fumes being emitted.

According to local reports, the family were from Turin, Italy.


Diego Vitagliano, an eyewitness, told Naples: 

I saw a child run crying, I did not think I was facing the worst tragedy of my life, I’m a father too.

I was at the Solfatara for work, along with other visitors we realised that something had happened and we approached the crater. I did not imagine what I would see.

[It is] a tragedy. They pulled out two bodies, then pulled us away. I continue to think about that family and that poor boy crying and asking for help.

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The Solfatara is a dormant volcano, which emits jets of steam filled with sulphurous fumes.