Family Home Infested With Nocturnal Copperhead Snakes



A Texan family are scared to live in their own home after it became infested with nocturnal copperhead snakes. NOPE.

And even though Vicki Barnett and her husband managed to kill 30 of them last weekend, their home is still crawling with them – two years after moving in.

The problem is so bad, that in the evening, family members will only leave the house if they have a rifle on them to kill any that slither towards them.


Eventually, Randall Kennedy was called in, who is a pest control specialist working for Fort Worth Wildlife.

Speaking about the Barnett family’s problem, he said:

Once they start taking over, they’ll take over. There can be quite a few of them.

Despite being so many of them, copperheads are great at hiding during the day and they then run wild as soon as the sun goes down.


Let’s just hope previous owners didn’t disclose of the issue, because if the Barnett family can’t solve the issue, they’re going to want to get out of the property smoothly!

And I can’t see it being an easy task.