Family Home Lit Up By Incredible Dubstep Christmas Light Show

by : UNILAD on : 06 Dec 2015 18:54
Matt Johnson/YouTube

Are your family competitive with their Christmas decorations? Well this American family has well and truly thrown down the gauntlet in how to light your home.


Matt Johnson and his family have been putting on Christmas light shows since 2013 and their 2015 effort is a masterpiece in the name of charity.

Once six o’clock strikes the show starts with 7,827 lights playing in sequence to a custom dubstep soundtrack, and the Johnson’s hope they will raise $10,000 (Around £6600) to provide safe drinking water to the Central African Republic.


Matt revealed that the display is hardly just a hobby, he estimates that it takes around 500 hours of preparation time to get their home in San Antonio, Texas, ready for the big switch on.


He told Buzzfeed:

I have not kept track of the hours but I bet I average about 4-6 hours per 10 seconds of show, the show is 11 minutes long so around 450 to 650 hours.”

Incredibly Matt also suggested the display does not use anywhere near as much electricity as you’d think, comparing it to a small household appliance.

He said:

It does not cost much to run. I calculated the power last year and it uses the same amount of power as a hair dryer. It is barely noticeable on our power bill.”

Check it out.

The neighbours don’t have to worry too much about their sleep either as the show ends at 10pm each night.


Incredible scenes.

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