Family Win Christmas By Sending Hilariously Awkward Cards

xmas cards9Mike and Laura Bergeron

Sending out family Christmas cards is loved and hated by people in equal measure.

Sometimes, receiving one from your friend or sibling and seeing their picture perfect life, while you send a generic multipack card to them, because you didn’t think a picture with your cat and fuck buddy quite sufficed can be depressing.

That’s why one family have won Christmas for the last few years, sending out hilariously awkward cards to everyone on their mailing list.

The cards range from the sublime to the ridiculous, with Mike and Laura Bergeron now taking the internet by storm.

xmas cards8Mike and Laura Bergeron

The spoke to Buzzfeed and said:

We thought the Christmas card tradition was ripe for parodying just because of their inherently awkward nature.

I have always given Christmas gifts to everyone that I’m close to, so by the time I turned 30 it was getting pretty difficult … to find ways to express to the people that I love that they are important to me through some small gift.

xmas cards7Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmas cards6Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmas cards5Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmas cards3Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmas cards2Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmas cards1Mike and Laura Bergeron
xmasMike and Laura Bergeron

Amazing stuff.