Fan Creates Logan Post-Credit Scene Starring Deadpool And It’s Amazing


Spoilers for Logan!

20th Century Fox

When it was announced that Hugh Jackman was hanging up the adamantium claws that made his name, X-Men fans were devastated for two reasons. 

The first being that the world was losing the perfect Wolverine and the second being that, in a cruel twist of fate, we’d just gotten the Deadpool movie we deserved and Jackman’s retirement meant the two could never meet on the big screen.

Many had hoped that Ryan Reynolds’ Merc’ with a Mouth would make a brief cameo in the Jackman’s final Wolverine film Logan but alas it was not to be.

Until now…

Some amateur filmmakers decided that the idea of having the two X-icons on the big-screen was simply too good an opportunity to miss and made their own post credit scene for Logan.

The quick teaser shows Deadpool wandering through the woods with a metal detector two weeks after the end of the movie, hunting for the corpse of Logan who passes away when his injuries finally get the better of his healing factor in the film.

After finding the body Deadpool has a few moments of quiet contemplation (possibly the first time the character’s been quiet for more than two seconds) while he pays his respects to his fallen friend.

Unfortunately Deadpool quickly snaps back to his usual fourth wall breaking self and pulls out a doodle showing Fox’s plans for the pair, basically because the two together will be a money making machine.

He then pulls out a needle full of the mutant growth hormone, a drug that’d reignite Wolverine’s healing factor presumably bringing him back to life.

In the end though, Wade’s respect for Hugh is simply too great and he does’t go through with it, preferring to leave his potential best buddy dead and buried rather than disrespect his artistic wishes.

Let’s see if Fox can rise above it and keep Logan dead and buried.