Fan Edits Dark Souls 3 Into Awesome Full Length Movie


If you ask me, the greatest challenge in Dark Souls is figuring out what the fuck is actually going on.

Of course, it’s possible to beat Dark Souls 3 and not pick up on the story at all. The lore is there for the hardcore fans, and that’s fine.

For the rest of us mortals though, MoonlightButterfly on YouTube has been hard at work making sense of the franchise by editing the games into movies.

It’s ridiculously impressive, and a great way to catch up on Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 if you still haven’t jumped into 3 yet.

So since Dark Souls 3 launched in April, I imagined it wouldn’t be too long before we got their take on From Software’s latest effort – and now it’s here.

Fittingly titled Dark Souls 3: The Movie, it clocks in at one hour, 45 minutes, so you’d best settle in if you plan on watching it.

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MoonlightButterfly combines actual gameplay from Dark Souls 3 with dialogue and cutscenes to tell a cohesive story. Fortunately we don’t have to watch them die over and over again, which streamlines the process somewhat.

Considering that Dark Souls 3 actually has multiple endings,our thoughtful MoonlightButterfly has made those variations available in the play list. Check out chapter one below.

Get stuck in then, chaps. Maybe understanding Dark Souls is the key to beating it? Then again, maybe I’m just shit at it and there’s nothing I can do about that.