Fan-Made Majora’s Mask Film Will Leave You Stunned



We may never get the sumptuous feature-length Legend of Zelda movie that we all crave so badly, but this Majora’s Mask short is more than enough for now. 

Put together by EmberLab, ‘Terrible Fate’ serves as a prequel of sorts to the often overlooked (but no less brilliant) sequel to Ocarina of Time. 


The film – which clocks in at under five minutes – deals with the game’s titular mask, and how it came to fall into the hands of the Skull Kid.

As anyone who’s played Majora’s Mask will know, the Skull Kid isn’t actually a bad guy – rather, he was possessed by the evil spirit in the mask.

This wonderful short does a great job of capturing the fact that even from the very beginning, Skull Kid was just a lonely guy who wanted friends, and was just as much a victim as everyone else in what is probably the darkest Zelda game of all time.

But enough of that, you need to see it for yourself – check it out below.

I honestly, I can’t throw enough praise on this one. The animation is flawless, the lighting effects breathtaking, and the sound design hauntingly beautiful.

The way they’ve effortlessly captured the look and feel of the N64 classic, but made it look more gorgeous than I thought possible… The team behind this deserve a crack at a feature length Zelda. Seriously.