Fan Remakes Battlefield 1 Trailer In GTA 5 With Hilarious Results


Grand Theft Auto 5 offers imaginative gamers the chance to make all kinds of insane videos, so it was probably only a matter of time before somebody got round to paying tribute to the Battlefield 1 reveal. 

We’ve got J57F to thank for this one. They’ve remade every scene in Los Santos with impressive accuracy – though since GTA lacks the cinematic scale of Battlefield, the results are genuinely hilarious.


My personal favorite moment has to be when the zeppelin shows up. An ominous moment in the original trailer, but laughably poor in this recreation. It’s like a low budget tribute starring hapless criminals. Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

Check it out below. Some bits definitely work better than others, though the whole things kind of leaves me wishing that DICE had used this as a fake trailer before the real thing.

As you must know by now, Battlefield 1’s big reveal has pretty much smashed everyone’s expectations. DICE’s new WW1 shooter is currently the most liked trailer on YouTube ever.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare isn’t doing quite so well by comparison. I mean, nobody has remade their reveal trailer in GTA V, so that’s a pretty major snub. It’s kind of like how musicians haven’t made it until Weird Al has done a parody of one of their songs.

And by kind of I mean not really at all. Anyway, here’s the actual Battlefield 1 trailer for comparison.

Meanwhile, GTA videos continue to be terrifying and amusing in equal measure. One recent highlight that springs to mind is a spoof news video on Google’s self driving car.