Fan Remakes Warcraft Trailer In World Of Warcraft


Hold on to your nostalgia, because this fan remake of the Warcraft movie trailer in WoW is about as cool as they come.

YouTuber Ivan Kuzkin is a dab hand at pumping out some pretty cool gaming movies, but this time he’s gone rogue. Using assets from World of Warcraft, he’s remade the Warcraft trailer in the original gaming world of Azeroth. Unfortunately, none of the characters are spouting their lines from the movie, because that shit’s hard to do, yo. Regardless, I’m still pretty impressed.


While Kuzkin’s trailer doesn’t have every scene from the original, it does have a healthy portion of them. You can check out the real trailer for comparison below.

The Warcraft movie is heading our way on June 3 and it’s not actually looking awful. Great success!

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Mark is the Gaming Editor for UNILAD. Having grown up a gaming addict, he's been deeply entrenched in culture and spends time away from work playing as much as possible. Mark studied music at University and found a love for journalism through going to local gigs and writing about them for local and national publications.