Fan Theory Suggests That The Joker Was Actually The Hero In The Dark Knight


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One Batman fan has taken to Reddit to describe his interpretation of Chris Nolan’s blockbuster smash The Dark Knight. And it’s pretty out there…

The author of the post, known as Generalzee, believes that The Joker, despite being “a lying psychopath”, was actually the The Dark Knight’s true hero.

Yep, quite difficult to absorb isn’t it?

His argument seems to hinge on the notion that all the good things that happened in The Dark Knight – the dissolution of Gotham’s crime families, the Dent Act and the obsolescence of street vigilantes – was as a direct result of The Joker’s actions.

“In the end Gotham is actually clean. It wasn’t because of Harvey, who died too soon to do any good, except as a martyr, and it wasn’t because of Batman who was ostracized and treated like the criminal such a vigilante truly is for 8 years,” Generalzee explains in his post.

He added that “Gotham was safe because the Joker had cleaned up the streets. He eliminated the corrupt police, he destroyed organized crime financially, he uplifted Gotham’s spirit, and he even got rid of the flying pest that had been corrupting Gotham ever since he declared himself it’s protector.”

Check out the post for his full explanation.