Fans Concerned After Picture Of Gerard Way Emerges


It’s been a while since we were screaming out that My Chemical Romance screamo classic I’m Not Okay, so you’d expect time to have had an effect on the band members.

But according to one guy, lead singer 2017 Gerard Way is ‘not o-f*cking-kay’ and people commenting on the Facebook post haven’t reacted too kindly to his current look either.

Gerard Way changed his image on numerous occasions having sported jet black hair, then he went all short peroxide blonde in the Black Parade days, and had bright red hair at one point. And now, he just looks like, well, a 40-year-old dude.

2017 Gerard Way looks like he's not o-fucking-kay, trust me.

Posted by Koly Kolgate on Monday, 25 September 2017

Ignoring the fact Gerard is now 40 and I feel incredibly old, the photo was put up by Koly Kolgate, who is a social media marketing executive from Ohio, according to his Facebook profile.

Not only did he post the photo with the caption ‘he’s not o-f*****g-kay’, he added:

I’m not being mean, just stating the obvious. He looks in bad shape here.


The weight gain is understandable but the hair, the wardrobe?? He looks like he’s completely given up. Or maybe it’s fashion that I don’t understand.

Alright, Koly, we get it! No need. And you kind of are being mean.

Comments on the photo ranged from disbelief to suggestions he was ‘homeless’ and ‘rough’.

But a lot of people pointed out he battles with depression and anxiety, others said he was just comfortable being out of the spotlight and focusing on his family.

Joshua Christopher said:

He’s a human being, obviously his rock star status was a bit too much for him, and between drugs and alcohol also it’s a spiralling pit to nowhere.

Maybe he’s more comfortable this way being a comic book writer. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him, he’s still bad-ass Gerard.

My Chemical Romance rose to fame after the release of their second album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, which featured the singles I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Thank You For The Venom, The Ghost Of You and Helena. The album went platinum.

The band’s third album Welcome To The Black Parade in 2006 launched them into superstardom with a one-off show at the Hammersmith Palais selling out in just 15 minutes.

This was followed in 2007 by 133 show The Black Parade World Tour that took the band from the States, through multiple dates in the UK, Europe, Asia, North and South America before winding up in New York. Rise Against, Thursday and Muse played support slots.

MCR announced their break-up in March 2013 and released a greatest hits album May Death Never Stop You a year after the split, as well as a tenth anniversary reissue of their third album The Black Parade in September 2016.


Gerard Way is now a comic book creator, he was also a friend of the late Linkin Park frontman.

He spoke to Nerdist about their bands’ Projekt Revolution Tour together in 2007, and he urged others to speak out on mental health.

He said:

I was devastated to hear about Chester. He was actually at my wedding. Not a lot of people were there because we got married super quickly at the end of the tour when half the people had gone home. So there were literally only 30 or 40 people there, and he was one of them.

His band and bringing us on tour, that changed my life. I met my wife. We have an amazing life now and a daughter. My memories of that period and meeting [wife] Linds again are tied into Chester and his band.

It’s so sad. I think a lot about mental health and it’s something I’ve always wanted to address in [comic series] Doom Patrol, so I definitely think we’ll see a lot more of that now. I’ve been through depression, dark times, and therapy. I can really apply that stuff to these characters.

Ignore the haters, Gerard.