Fans Concerned For ‘Unrecognisable’ Gordon Ramsay After Latest Instagram Post


People on the Internet are concerned for Gordon Ramsay after he posted a selfie on Instagram of his face looking red and puffy. 

The world’s most foul-mouthed chef posted a picture of himself with a champions belt ahead of the UFC 214 last night on Instagram along with he caption ‘here we go’.

In the picture Gordon has a slightly red face leading concerned fans to speculate that he’d been under the knife recently.

#ufc214 here we go !!

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Worried fans immediately began asking Gordon if he’d had plastic surgery with one pleading that he stop while another joked: ‘Easy on the Botox, chef :) wonderful seeing you at the events though.’

Of course it’s worth noting that these random people have no proof that Gordon’s had plastic surgery and if I’m being honest, he just looks like a guy who’s a few drinks in to a good night out. But it’s nice people are concerned, I guess?


Unfortunately, some trolls took the opportunity to attack Gordon for the photo, with one particularly rude fan commenting: “You have more plastic surgery then mick Jagger’s lips especially that forehead my god!”

Other’s cruelly twisted Gordon’s signature brash style to insult the chef, writing: ‘Your face looks overcooked’ while another added ‘For f**k sake, slow down with the gravy.. you look swollen up’.

Bet they wouldn’t say that to his face though.