Fans Have Begun A Petition To Kick Zack Snyder Off Future DC Movies After Batman V Superman

by : Tom Percival on : 31 Mar 2016 17:16
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After finishing work on the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder is now busily beavering away to prepare Justice League for its release in November next year.

But there’s one small problem, most people didn’t think Batman V Superman was any good (to put it lightly), and in fact some fans feel so strongly about Snyder’s cinematic sins that they want to see the poor director booted off any future DC Comics projects, Konbini reports.


 The disgruntled fans have sent their petition to Warner Bros. saying:

Zack Snyder is not the person to bring the Justice League to the big screen. He’s had two chances now to adapt DC characters and has produced middling results. Even if you loved Man of Steel and BvS.

There has to come a time when WB and DC want someone at the helm that can create something that WON’T divide people in such a way.

Zack Snyder is just not the guy that should be in charge of the biggest and most important films in the franchise. Especially with his track record now.

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Despite the fan’s petition it’s important to remember that Snyder’s film’s brought in more than $500 million dollars so far for Warner Bros, so despite the critical kicking that the film’s getting the studio are unlikely to be too upset with him, .

Still, the petition’s certainly going to raise eyebrows over at DC especially considering the fierce competition from Marvel and the lacklustre response that Dawn of Justice is getting from both audiences and critics.

Also it’s been reported that the film needs to bring in $800 million just to break even, Zack must be hoping that the bad word of mouth doesn’t begin to spread…

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    Fans Petition To Get Zack Snyder Fired From ‘Justice League’ Movies