Fans Make Metal Gear VR App With Original Snake Voice Actor


You may remember the awesome looking Metal Gear Solid HD remake that was cancelled last month? Well, the team behind that project are back with a vengeance.

This time, they’re working on a cool looking VR app with none other than David Hayter – the original (and to many, definitive) voice of Snake.


It’s called The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid.

It’s a first-person virtual reality experience, that aims to allow players to revisit classic Metal Gear locations in a kind of virtual reality museum.

The description on Facebook reads:

The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid will feature many pieces of amazing fan art from devoted lovers of the series and our collaborators.

As an unofficial, non-profit production, the project is a gift, from the fans, but also addressed to the fans; to share our affection for the seminal franchise.

Considering it’s an unofficial, non profit production, you’d hope that Konami will leave this one alone. You never can tell with those guys though.

While it hasn’t be explicitly confirmed, it’s widely assumed that Konami are the reason the Shadow Moses remake had to be shut down.

The Fan Legacy is being developed using Unreal Engine 4, and is expected to be released as a free download in May.