Fans Think Kylie Jenner’s Latest Instagram Post ‘Proves’ She’s Kim’s Surrogate

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jan 2018 16:20

There are three things certain in this world – death, taxes and one of the Jenners/Kardashians popping out a new offspring and unveiling it to the world (because you care – apparently).


While the world rejoiced at the news Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have welcomed their third child – (I’ll be honest didn’t even know she was pregnant) – the circling vultures of the paparazzi must be upset they’ve refused to release any picture’s of their new daughter, who remains unnamed.

The fact ‘KimYe’ (people still call them that right?) have not released any photo’s of the latest recruit addition to the Kardashian klan, it’s led to some wild conspiracy theories and top of the list, is the idea her younger sister Kylie Jenner, was her surrogate.

Over obsessive fans are convinced this is the case after Kylie – whose own pregnancy is being questioned – announced the new arrival of Ye’ and Kim’s baby on Instagram ‘Stories’, just hours after she’d given birth.


This prompted fans on Twitter to question the timing of the announcement, seeing as when she announced her pregnancy, she also said she was taking a break from the spotlight, including social media.

Fans have seen her announcement as her away of reintroducing herself back into the media outlets, thus forcing my poor tired fingers to report on a subject which I’m totally apathetic to.

One fan wrote:

This is so weird.. Just two days ago it was reported that Kylie was in labour.. which they later said was ‘false’.

Now Kim & Kanye are welcoming their new baby into the world?

So all this time Kylie was really the f*cking surrogate?

Another fan Tweeted:

NAH RIGHT LISTEN UP: Kim and Kayne had to have a surrogate for their baby. Wouldn’t reveal who it was.

Kylie has been hiding her pregnancy for nine months. Kylie apparently went into labour this weekend.

Kim and Kayne’s daughter has just been born. Kylie was Kim’s surrogate.


While I’m unfamiliar with the ever-evolving media circus surrounding ‘the world’s most talked about family’ ( unless Yeezy is dropping another fire album), the subject of surrogacy is far more interesting.

However, in order to be considered a candidate for surrogacy, generally, IVF clinics need you to have given birth at least once.

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you, giving birth is no walk in the park and there are many variables involved, so experience is a key asset to have in that situation.

So for you Friends fans, Pheobe Buffay would probably have been rejected to be a surrogate for her brother Frank and his wife Alice because she’d never given birth prior  – I hope I just shattered your whole entire world?

But I digress – egg donor and surrogacy agency, Creative Love, state on their website:

The first and foremost reason for this requirement is that a potential surrogate must be able to demonstrate proven fertility and the ability to carry a healthy full term pregnancy with low-risk of complication.

For this reason, potential surrogates must provide their previous OB/GYN medical records to agency personnel for review by physicians, agency, and intended parents before initiating in a gestational surrogate journey.

Many people who are otherwise perfectly healthy, will not find out that they experience fertility issues until they attempt to conceive. Some of these couples turn to surrogacy as a resolution to their struggles. To be matched with a surrogate who too, as it would reveal, suffers complications or trouble conceiving would be an ironic redundancy.

It would prove to be a significant financial setback for the commissioning couple and a severe disappointment for not only the intended parents but the surrogate who committed so much time, energy and her body to the cause.


So there you go, any chance of Kylie Jenner being Kim’s surrogate mother is complete and utter tripe in my opinion.

Normal service may resume.

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