Michelle Keegan Trolled For Having ‘Penis’ In Bikini Instagram Post


Spending more time filming on set than at home, it’s hard to see where Michelle Keegan gets the time to sculpt killer abs.

But alas, like every other celebrity, she manages to get in a regular workout while us 9-5ers don’t even have time to eat dinner.

Posting a photo of her in a bikini to Instagram, she put us all to shame while users commented on her ‘perfect bod’.

But others noticed something a tad out of place:


A post shared by michkeegan (@michkeegan) on

See it?

Here’s a closer look:


As one user put it, it ‘looks like she has a cock!’

Another said the bikini gave Keegan a ‘man bit’, while others were a tad more grossed out, saying: “What the fuck is that? A mangina?”



However, upon closer inspection it just seemed to be a tassel.