Fantastic Four Cast Handle Extremely Awkward Interview Like Pros



The cast of the new Fantastic Four film were recently interviewed for American radio show Rock 100.5 Mornings.

And it’s extremely awkward, with overtones of racism and sexism.

To start with, the hosts can’t get over the fact that Johnny and Sue Storm are being played by black and white actors, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara.

1438524849_michael-b-jordan-kate-mara-racist-sexist-questions_1Gustavo Caballero/Getty

After interrogating them on their family genetics for a while they eventually move on, to another insensitive line of questioning. This time Mara’s new pixie haircut, with one of the DJs asking her why she cut her hair, as she was ‘way, way hot’ before.

After more questioning about the hair it ends on a creepy note, with one of the DJs, Southside Steve, telling Mara:

I’m a toe guy, your toes are fine.