Far Cry Primal Just Got An Awesome New Live Action Ad


Adverts for videogames are usually pretty sketchy, especially when they focus on live action rather than showing us actual gameplay footage (this Zelda ad springs to mind). Despite this, Ubisoft have managed to sidestep that particular minefield to deliver us an amazing, timey-wimey advert for Far Cry Primal. 

The video (below) shows one plucky solider fighting his way through a Black Ops style war torn city (encouraging vision of the future by the way Ubisoft), going back in time as he runs. One minute he’s fighting in the Second World War – the next, he’s a medieval warrior.

It’s great stuff, with some surprisingly high production values (or maybe not that surprising when you consider how much money Ubisoft can afford to nonchalantly dish out on advertising).

At the end of the ad, our hero finally comes to a stop as a caveman – and face to face with a saber-tooth tiger. Well, shit.

Intriguingly, the ad is labelled TV Spot #1, so we might well see some more clips like this in the next few days.