Farmer Cuts Off Crocodile’s Head And Laughs As It Still Snaps Its Jaws


A disgusting video has been released showing the horrifying moments after farmers cut off a crocodile’s head leaving its jaws snapping in the sink. 

The sick footage was recorded and posted on YouTube, showing the poor baby croc who was yanked out of the water and disgustingly beheaded, according to the Daily Mail.

The twisted farmers can be heard laughing as they watched in sadistic glee as the little reptile’s head sat draining blood in the sink, while its body jerked manically in the bucket.

Horrendously, the video captures the animal’s jaws snapping up in down as muscles spasm in its severed head.

The other workers at the Thailand farm clutch the wriggling body of the other half of the 6ft creature, as it convulses in the bucket its contained in.

Animal welfare officer and policeman Warrapon Kmtr was handed the revolting footage in hopes that Thai police might find whoever is responsible for this despicable act.

Sadly though, he claimed there wasn’t anything he could do, as they have no idea where the footage was obtained.

He said:

It’s very cruel for the crocodile to be put through this kind of death. If they have to be killed for meat or for leather then it should be done painlessly.

Apparently, severed heads can still be seen to eerily move due to twitching muscles, but horrifyingly, consciousness is only lost two seconds after beheading.

This means that although the creature won’t be in control of the movements, they may still be alive for a few seconds after their decapitation…

Here’s the video in full:

What an inexcusable act executed by heartless humans.

I hope justice is served…