Farmer Files Police Complaint Against Cows Over No Milk

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Farmer Files Police Complaint Against Cows Over No MilkAlamy

A farmer from Sidlipura Village in Bhadravati, has filed a complaint against four cows. 

While there’s no use crying over spilled milk, one farmer has complained about the lack of it.


The farmer alleged that the cows had not been producing milk for four days, despite providing them with food. It seems the farmer took the cows to graze each day, but they’re not holding up their end of the bargain.

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The farmer said:

They are not giving milk for the last four days. So, police must convince them to give milk.


The complaint has since gone viral on social media, but the police have urged that they can’t do much to rectify the situation.

Police told the farmer that they couldn’t register the complaint and told the Deccan Herald that ‘we have convinced the farmer about this’.

While there isn’t much the farmer can do about the missing milk, he may not actually need the cows for much longer, as cow-free milk is now becoming a thing.  Imagindairy (great name), a Tel Aviv-based start-up, has raised a record £9.7 million seed funding to make dairy products from microorganisms instead of cows.


Thankfully for the farmer, Imagindairy doesn’t require taking cows to graze in fields, but it does involve a complex process of  inserting DNA instructions for the production of whey and casein into microorganisms to produce the cow-free dairy product.


‘Cow’s Milk Without Cows’ To Hit Shops By 2023

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The product is supposed to hit shops by 2023, so hopefully the farmer in question won’t have much longer to wait.

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