Farmer ‘Needlessly’ Shot Dead By Police After Bull Causes Havoc On Highway

Yantis family

Another case of alleged police brutality has hit the headlines after a 62-year-old rancher was shot dead by two deputies on November 1.

Jack Yantis, of Boise, Idaho, was responding to a call from the local sheriffs office that one of his bulls had been involved in a traffic accident. The 2,500-pound bull, with a shattered leg, was reportedly charging people at the scene of the crash.

Incidents of livestock being struck by traffic on rural highways is not uncommon, as such Yantis asked his nephew to fetch a rifle so the bull could be put down as humanely as possible.

When Yantis raised his rifle to end the bull’s suffering, the situation took a dire turn. The deputies are alleged to have grabbed the rifle, spun Yantis and sent him to the floor. As he tried to get back up the police opened fire, wounding Yantis in the chest and gut.

Yantis family

Yantis lay dead in the highway, killed in front of his wife, daughter, nephew, and a family friend, who also claim they too were then threatened.

Jack’s wife, Donna Yantis, said:

And then they threatened me and my nephew … threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us, and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack.

Following the incident Donna suffered a heart attack and was still recovering in hospital a week on, spending her 63rd birthday confined to a bed, and without her husband.

Police have claimed they acted in response to Yantis rifle being discharged, but this has been refuted by the family who witnessed the entire incident.

Sarah Yantis, Jack’s daughter said:

There was no shootout. It was a senseless murder.

Yantis family

Nephew, Rowdy Paradis, has also alleged the cruelty did not stop with his uncle, as officers left the bull in an awful state.

He said:

The bull ended up lying there for two hours, suffocating in his own lung blood because they shot him in the gut.”

Unless dramatic new evidence emerges, this is another damning indictment of American police.