Fatalities Confirmed After Police Shootout With Suspected Terrorists Near Barcelona


Between four and five terror suspects are reported to have been shot dead in the past hour after a series of police raids linked to the attack in Barcelona yesterday afternoon.

It is thought that the suspects were attempting to begin a second attack.

A number of police officers have also been injured in the raids – which took place in Cambrils, 120km from Barcelona, very recently.

Catalan Police, Mossos, have tweeted about the attack below:

In one video posted to Twitter, you can hear shots being fired in Cambrils:

Numerous other videos have been posted online in the past few moments, many of which show a number of suspected fatalities.

The situation in Cambrils, which is a popular tourist destination on the Gold Coast of Catalonia, is being described by Catalan Police as ‘exceptional’ and they are telling people in the town to be patient and stay in doors.

Just yesterday 13 people were killed in Barcelona when a white Mercedes van ‘ploughed’ into civilians in a busy shopping district of the city.


Two men were later arrested and a third suspect was shot dead following a shoot-out with police.

On Wednesday an explosion at a house not too far from Barcelona killed one person. It is now believed that the explosion occured as terror suspects attempted to make a bomb to be used in the attacks.