Fighting Vigilante Saves Terrifed Female Subway Employee From Robber

by : UNILAD on : 07 Oct 2015 18:12
Live Leak

A surveillance video shows the incredible moment a brave local man jumped in and stopped a robbery at a Subway restaurant in the U.S.


The CCTV footage from a store in Portland, Oregon posted on Live Leak shows how the Good Samaritan spotted the suspect emptying the register, while threatening the terrified female employee.

So, taking matters into his own hands, this guy sneaked up behind the robber and absolutely lamped him one.

The fight between the two guys then spilled all over the store, with the two trading punches, before the intervener was able to drag his foe outside.



The best part is definitely when the criminal drops his phone and decides he has time to pick it up, despite the fact that an angry (and probably pretty hungry) guy is bearing down on him!

Writing on Live Leak, the Subway vigilante said:

Walked in on a robbery at Subway in Portland Sunday night. Girl behind the counter had her hands up while the suspect emptied the till. I casually walked over and delivered what I thought would be a knockout, but the big fella took it and the fight was on. The scrum eventually spilled outside where he popped me pretty good with a left cross and got away.

This badass was able to recover about $40 from the robber before he escaped and taught him a heck of a lesson about picking on vulnerable sandwich shop workers when good people are nearby!

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