Film Company On Hunt For ‘Scally-Looking’ Actors For New Movie

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Now, you may think acting is all for fancy thespians who wear a lot of eccentric brooches and scarves.

You aren’t after all very likely to spot a pair of trackie bottoms on stage at The Globe, or a fake Burberry cap at The Old Vic.

However, this is precisely the style one Manchester based talent agency is looking for. ‘Scally looking’ people of the North West, this could well be your shot at the big time…

Mint Casting have put out an advertisement for ‘scally looking lads and girls’ to film scenes in Chorley and the surrounding areas.

The ad is targeted towards those between the ages of 16 and 40, however scally looking people of any age are warmly invited to apply.

The pay isn’t bad. You can earn between £75 to £90 per day, although you must be prepared for early starts, long working days and a bit of sitting about.

According to the highly specific ad, ‘some will be only one days filming’ however ‘some maybe [sic] more regular’.

Filming will take place from late August right through to December, and so could well be a nice little extra earner for the right person.

You can apply via email, giving your name, contact details and a ‘clear recent photo’.

Now if you are unsure whether or not you are enough of a scally to stand a chance, check out this Oxford Dictionary definition:

(In the north-west of England, especially Liverpool) a roguish self-assured young person, typically a man, who is boisterous, disruptive, or irresponsible.

‘At her Birkenhead school she was head girl, but also had a reputation for being a scally.’

However, this definition only captures the essence – the philosophy if you will – of being a scally. How does one actually look like a scally?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

The male ‘scally’ can be easily recognised through his clothing and language used. Hair is to be short and thickly gelled, often accompanied by a cap (Burberry preferably) tilted at a 45 degree angle.

Gold jewellery is a must, curb chains and bracelets mainly, but the sovereign ring must also be taken into account. A small hooped earring never goes amiss. Tops must be slightly baggy and carrying a latest brand name (at time of writing Henri Lloyd is popular).

Polo shirts (Hackett) are also a popular motif of the scally, coupling heavy branding with an ability to lift the fold-over collar up around the neck. Tracksuit bottoms are the desirable trouser of choice, often being rolled into sport socks. Trainers must be worn (except on nights out where loafers become king).

The female ‘scally’ is also said to have a distinctive style:

Hair is scraped back and heavily hairsprayed. Limitless amounts of make-up cover any blemishes, and the look is finsihed off with big hooped earrings.

Clothes wise, tracksuit tops and tracksuit bottoms or jeans are preferred, along with the mandatory trainers.

Posted by Mint Casting on Thursday, 2 August 2018

The term ‘scally’ is still often used as a mocking – and sometimes snobbish – insult, and the style itself is said to be dying out in some areas.

However, if you are proud of your scally-ness, then by all means go forth and celebrate by applying today.

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