Find This Scumbag Who Scooped A Girl Into His Arms Then Raped Her

walkabout-bar-in-birminghamThe Walkabout bar in Birmingham

West Midlands Police are currently on the hunt for a man who reportedly scooped a drunk girl off her feet and later raped her.

Hours of CCTV has been trawled, and a video has been released which allegedly shows the attacker carrying the near-unconscious 25-year-old across Tennant Street in Birmingham city centre. She had previously left the Walkabout Bar.

The incident happened on October 19, and while witnesses have been spoken to and forensic evidence secured, this scumbag is still out there.

attacker-in-birmingham (4)

In a statement on Facebook, West Midlands police said:

CCTV shows the man carrying her across Tennant Street. Minutes later she was raped. The crime was reported to officers a short time later when a member of the public found the woman highly distressed. A police investigation was immediately launched.

Do you recognise him? Were you in the area around the time of the attack? We will not give up on finding him.

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Police also want to speak to a man with dwarfism, only known as ‘Kevin’, who left the bar with the girl. Shortly after, the pair bumped into her alleged attacker, before he picked her up and walked off with her.

Kevin is not currently being treated as the attacker, but police officers believe him to be a key witness. He is also yet to come forward.

Sickening attacks like this should not stay unsolved for this amount of time. Whoever did this is still out there, free to prey on more vulnerable women.

Know anything? Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.