Firefighter Groom Saves Life Of Guest At His Own Wedding



When one Los Angeles firefighter prepared for his big day, he probably didn’t expect what was about to happen.

Cody Campbell was just expecting to marry his fiancé, when one family member appeared to be in serious trouble at his wedding reception.

After hearing a couple yell ‘My God, she’s choking’, he sprung into action, right when his father-in-law was giving a toast.
His bride, Kelly, claimed:

Some people in the back who couldn’t see this far ahead truly thought it might have been staged.

But I assure you I am not an actress. That was not faking it.

He is the man who always ready to save people life, I am very lucky to be his wife.

After Campbell sprung into action, the day was saved, and it will certainly be one to remember for the newlyweds.

Amazing stuff.