Firefighter Saves Kitten After Teen ‘Doused It In Petrol And Set It Alight’

by : Tom Percival on : 14 Jan 2017 11:12
Fox 59

A twisted teenager has been arrested after pouring gasoline on a cat and setting the poor creature of fire.


19-year-old Noah Riley turned himself over to the authorities after seeing pictures of the badly burned cat in social media, claiming that he wanted to ‘get the issue resolved.’

Riley admitted to setting the cat on fire, the kitten miraculously survived its ordeal despite being covered in petrol and having a fire work tied to it’s head,  WTTV reports

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The cat was found tied to a tree in a cornfield near the town of Crawfordsville, Indianapolis by retired firefighter Steve Wright who spotted the flames from his house.


In an interview with Fox59 Mr Wright said: 

It was very, very quiet. And it was moving slightly but being bound it couldn’t move much. And it was just the look in the eye of the kitten.

The cat was taken to Purdue Animal Hospital but faces a long recovery.

Steve Wright - Fox 59

It’s believed that the only reason the unfortunate animal survived its ordeal is because she’d been lying in a puddle that helped to calm the flames.

Misha Anderson, director of the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, explained: 

Her ears are shrivelled. Her fur is gone down to the skin.

She landed in a mud puddle. So I think that slowed down the fire or at least dampened her fur which caused the only flames to be gasoline so all the fur is mostly singed.


The Montgomery County Animal Welfare League is currently paying the cat’s medical bills which are already nearing $1,000 (£820) but the organisation is accepting donations from anyone who wants to help the cat.

So far they’ve received more than $8,000 in donations which means the the cat will receive care and treatment 24/7.

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