Fireman Scared Sh*tless As ‘Dead Body’ In River Comes Back To Life


A firefighter had the shock of his life when pulling what everyone thought was a dead body out of a river in China. 

Firefighters were called to the scene after villagers reported seeing a ‘lifeless’ man floating down the river.

When they arrived one firefighter went into the river to retrieve the body, reports the Daily Mail. 

In the footage, the firefighter can be seen wading over to the body and moving around it to assess the situation.

He then goes in to pick up the body and drag it ashore when the guy suddenly moves causing the firefighter to jump away.

It turns out the guy in the river was far from dead and was actually just enjoying a cooling snooze in the hot conditions. Like you do.


As the firefighter scrambles away in horror the onlookers on the bank seem to find the whole thing incredibly amusing – was the whole thing a practical joke?

I’m surprised the firefighter didn’t die of a freaking heart attack…