‘Firenado’ Breaks Out After Lightning Strikes Jim Beam Whiskey Factory


What do you get when you mix flaming alcohol with lightning? A fucking badass swirling vortex of fire and bourbon apparently.

The Jim Beam whiskey factory in Kentucky has been battered by lightning, heavy wind and rain, resulting in the rare phenomenon that wouldn’t look out of place in a knock-off Rambo movie.

Apparently, the ‘firenado’ happened because flaming alcohol mixed with pools of water, before being sucked into the air by high winds. 800,000 gallons of whiskey tragically perished when it spilled into a retention pond near the factory that was swiftly engulfed in flames.

Thankfully nobody was injured, and the flames eventually put themselves out thanks to a creek close to the factory – Jim Beam have had to pay $27,000 in clean up costs to local authorities.


Our thoughts are with Jim Beam in this hard time, and mourn the senseless loss of perfectly good whiskey.