First Dates Needs More Single People To Appear On The Show

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If you’re utterly bored of looking for a relationship after a string of dodgy dates, you could very well sign up for Channel 4’s First Dates.


The show is looking for singletons to apply for future episodes, so why not take the plunge, sit back and let smooth-talking Maître d’, Fred Sirieix and the team take care of things instead?

If successful, as well as the date, you’d get a meal at the lovely Paternoster Chop House, right by St Paul’s Cathedral in London. What have you got to lose?

First Dates | Apply now!

Single and looking? Why not give the #FirstDates restaurant a try? It could be the start of something beautiful. Just head over here: www.firstdatescasting.co.uk

Posted by First Dates on Monday, 9 October 2017

Week in, week out, we see some real characters on the show, not to mention some disastrous dates – some successful ones – and a whole lot of fun along the way.


It’s so easy to apply, all you have to do, initially, is fill out an online form selecting options; body type, height, occupation, interests – as well as writing a 250-word paragraph or two about yourself and attach a photograph. Done.

You could be featuring in a new series alongside ‘Pull a Pig’ prank victim Sophie Stevenson, who’s been invited to apply, after being stood up after travelling all the way to Amsterdam.

The fairy godmothers on the First Dates team are apparently eager to find Sophie a man deserving of her affections, with a production team spokesperson telling The Mirror: 

Fred and his team at the First Dates restaurant are always happy to welcome those unlucky in love.

Sophie is very welcome to apply to First Dates and see if we can bring a little of the First Dates magic into her life.

After kissing an uncommonly enormous frog, will our Sophie finally find her Prince Charming over a nice steak dinner at the Paternoster Chop House restaurant?

Hopefully Fred and the rest of ‘Team Love’ will find brave Sophie a good egg who will give her an evening to remember for all the right reasons.


However, even if the date doesn’t go swimmingly, we just know Sophie is strong enough to cope with any awkward dating situation she may come across.

Is there a kind, genuine and honest man out there who can restore Sophie’s faith in love and show her how gentleman behave?

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But make sure you actually are single, because in what can only be described as painfully cringe-worthy viewing, a man was caught out on the phone to somebody else outside the restaurant.

Watch the painfully awkward moment here:

When You Get Caught Out On A First Date

Oh my god this is brutally awkward ??First Dates

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

While it didn’t work out for them, it could work out for you as it did for one couple who appeared on the show last year.

Aarron Stewart and Ibiba Mudada met for the first time on the show and less than a year later, they welcomed the birth of their daughter Aziza.

The couple’s baby is so far the show’s first child to have been born as a direct result of a match-made meeting, so understandably, everyone is very excited.

The pair’s ‘first date’ was on June 10th 2016 and seven weeks later the new couple were in for a surprise.

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It wasn’t until October their episode was finally aired, but by that point, the relationship had quickly progressed and Ibiba was already pregnant.

To sign up, go to the First Dates Casting site.

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