‘First Ever’ Lamborghini Aventador SV Spotted On Streets Of Qatar



The Lamborghini Aventador SV has taken the definition of supercars to the next level, with the first one being spotted on the streets of Qatar (because where else would an exclusive, not to mention seriously expensive car be seen for the first time) and sports car lovers will probably be green with envy after watching the video.

The video was taken in Doha, and looks like it could be a scene from Fast and Furious, with the extremely sexy supercar cruising casually through the streets.

Only 600 were sold, to three regions in the world, but let’s be honest, even if there were 600,000 up for grabs, the vast majority of people probably wouldn’t be able to afford one anyway.

Hopefully, the people who do buy one of them will be slightly more clever than this guy, who wrote off his Maserati after a tin of white paint absolutely destroyed the interior of it.