First Look At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios

by : UNILAD on : 15 Feb 2016 15:03

It seems Harry Potter fans around the world have been blessed with a shed load of good news recently.


Whether it was the upcoming release of the 8th book, a new sorting hat quiz gracing Pottermore, or the unveiling of a few new wizarding worlds. But this latest bit of news will make Potterheads cancel all their upcoming holidays in exchange for this. The holiday of all holidays.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is set to open at Los Angeles’ Universal Studios on April 7th, essentially bringing the whole magical world of Harry Potter to life and from first viewing it looks fucking incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the Warner Brothers Studio Tour just as much as the next guy, but this just looks insane.


The list of attractions include the likes of; Hagrid’s hut, Honeydukes sweet shop, Ollivanders, Hog’s Head Pub and even Hogwarts Castle itself. Oh, and the video tour of this dreamland is by the driver of the Hogwarts Express himself.

While you await the spring opening, you can always pay a visit to the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Florida or the one at Universal Studios Japan.

The lucky buggers at Entertainment Weekly got a cheeky sneak peak of the Hollywood version and took some incredible shots. It’s fair to say that it looks nothing less than magical.


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