First Look In Bedroom Of ‘Donald Trump Assassin’, As More Details Emerge


Photos inside the bedroom of the Brit who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump have been revealed online.

Michael Sandford of Dorking, Surrey, tried to use a police officer’s gun to shoot the Republican presidential candidate, but was apprehended at the Las Vegas rally he was attending.

The images inside his bedroom reveal a fascination of the 20-year-old’s with guns.

The pictures uploaded to Facebook show a bedroom covered in camouflage, plus an arsenal of imitation guns and assault rifles.


Sandford was denied bail by a Nevada court and could now face up to ten years in prison.

The British man, who suffers with Aspergers and OCD, reportedly told investigators that he expected to die during his assassination attempt.

His parents believe their son – who allegedly planned the attack for over a year – may have been brainwashed into his actions.

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Sandford’s father, Paul Davey, argued he may have been ‘put up to do it or blackmailed’, and explained that the 20-year-old had moved to America to be with a girl.

He said:

We were living in Dorking but I moved down this way. Over a year-and-half ago he moved into his own place because he was living with his mum in a two-bedroom flat but she had a daughter.

Whilst he was there, he met an American girl. Later on she moved back to the US with her parents and he got quite down and depressed about it all so we [Sandford’s family] all paid for him to move out to America for a year…Since he’s been out there it’s difficult to get any information out of him.

About three months ago the money ran out so we sent him some more and asked him to come back.

He’s been refusing to come back and we were worried about him, we were in contact with the American Embassy telling them we were worried about him.


Davey added:

If I asked him to name the Prime Minister he’d be able to tell me but he wouldn’t know any other politicians. I doubt he would even know who the President of the United States is.

It will be an outside influence as to why he’s done it, he’s never been like that and it’s not something he’d do off his own back. Maybe it was a cry for help.

He would never pull the trigger of the gun if it came to it. In the time leading up to it he was not hostile when we spoke to him, just a little sad.

Out of character or not, the dramatic incident will likely have severe consequences for Sandford.