First Pokemon Sun/Moon Trailer Reveals New Starter And Legendary Monsters


maxresdefaultWe’ve finally been given our first look at Pokemon Sun/Moon, along with a glimpse at the brand new starter and legendary Pokemon in the game. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at the box art, which gives us a glimpse at the titular legendary monsters we’ll be catching. I’m certainly intrigued, although there are far too many legendary Pokemon these days – over 50, I believe.

Then we have the all new starter Pokemon, and they certainly look… nothing like what I was expecting. Have a nice long look.

Firstly, we have Rowlett – a grass/flying type that happens to be an owl, if you couldn’t guess from the name. It’s actually pretty cute.

Next up is Litten, a fire type cat Pokemon which is definitely already my favourite.

Finally, there’s Popplio. I do not care for Popplio, and I have no idea why. The sea lion/water Pokemon thing has been done before, and done better – maybe that’s it.

Then of course we have the trailer itself, which shows off the five new Pokemon and the region that the games will take place in.

It’s called Alola, and looks like it takes a fair bit of inspiration from Hawaii, and other such charming tropical beach paradises.

Finally, Pokemon Sun/Moon will release for the 3DS in Europe on November 23 2016, while North America gets it November 18.

Get planning your team. I’m already 100% about Litten. Cats, puns and fire Pokemon all rolled in to one? SOLD.