Fisherman Finds ‘Huge Alien-Like Sea Monster’ Floating In Sea

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jul 2016 10:41
weird-533987weird-533987Mark Watkins/Facebook

The waterways of the world seem to hold so many mysteries.


First, there was that dead sea creature that looked like the Pokemon Muk, a crocodile/dolphin hybrid which turned up on a beach in Australia and then there was that Kraken spotted in the Antarctic.

And today we are bringing you even more news from sea dwelling alien world.

At first, Mark Watkins assumed that this massive floating-ball like thing was just an overturned boat- but he was so so wrong.

Mark-Watkins-597148Mark-Watkins-597148Corey Donohue/Facebook

This load of nope actually turned out to be the corpse of a large whale, which had weirdly swollen up and was just floating about the Indian Ocean near Western Australia, as you do.

He was out fishing with his dad just south of Perth off the western coast of Australia, the Daily Star reports.

Mark said: “It’s stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up. When we got closer we realised it had to be a dead whale because of the smell.” Ewww.

The grim images show the whales skin stretched so much that the dead corpse looks ready to burst, with Mark noting that whale had started to deflate as sharks took chunks out of the body. Ahh, the wonders of nature.

Whale-608447Whale-608447Mark Watkins/Facebook

He told news group West Australian that he had never seen anything like it and it’s fair to say we definitely haven’t either.

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