Fitness Blogger’s Wedding Body Selfie Went Viral For Good Reasons


Anna Victoria is a major Instagram fitness guru – she has nearly 1 million followers, has a super fit body, eats healthy, and is a inspiration to thousands of people around the world.

And while her photos may fool you, she has bad angles just like the rest of us.

It’s often thought that Instagram stars are untouchable, perfect versions of us average, non-famous people – but Anna is here to prove you otherwise.

So, on her wedding day, the fitness guru posted two selfies – one of her posed standing up, and one sitting down – full stomach rolls on show. And something about the typically flawless Instagram star struck a chord: the photo has since racked up more than 61,000 likes.

She wrote in the caption:

Picture on the left was taken one day before the wedding and the picture on the right was taken… 2 minutes after!

Someone recently said to me that we all have our good angles and we all have our bad angles, so why do we let our bad angles carry so much more weight than our good angles?

Anna explained to Cosmopolitan that she shared the photos to remind her followers that, while the women they see on Instagram look flawless in their photos, they ‘don’t walk around like that’.

Hats off to Anna for keeping it real.