Five Guys Arrested After Fight At Five Guys

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 19 Jul 2019 09:24
police car outside five guys restaurantpolice car outside five guys restaurantStuart Police Department/Facebook

It was bound to happen sooner or later.


Five guys have been arrested at Five Guys when police were called to the Five Guys restaurant after said five guys were fighting at Five Guys. Are there any guys left at Five Guys? I hope so, because those burgers are damn fine.

The Five Guys/five guys fight went down in Florida, of all places, after a scuffle broke out between the men in the burger joint, where a cup was thrown, a door was slammed in someone’s face, and an ‘all-out brawl’ broke out, according to witnesses.

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The Stuart Police Department shared the story on Facebook, writing: ‘Five guys were involved in the fight, and those five guys found themselves under arrest.’


They wrote:

Can you guess how many guys were arrested at this location on Wednesday?

Early afternoon, Stuart Police received a report of a fist fight taking place inside of Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Five guys were involved in the fight, and those five guys found themselves under arrest.

Three juvenile males and two adult males were charged with affray and processed at the Martin County Jail.

The cause of the fight is unknown.

According to Fox News, witnesses described the incident as an ‘all-out brawl’, after cups were thrown and doors slammed in faces.

Though the original cause of the fight is still unknown, one witness told police the fight started when one guys started ‘talking smack’ about a second guy, who responded by throwing a drink and slamming a door in the face of the first guy, the Miami Herald reports.

The five guys who were arrested, two 18-year-olds and three juveniles, were reportedly charged with affray – a misdemeanor charge which involves two or more people fighting in a public place and disturbing the peace. All five guys were reportedly taken to the police station. The juveniles were later released to their parents.

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Naturally, the incident attracted a number of good comments from concerned citizens.


One person wrote:

Outstanding! I hope there were Five Officers there to complete the trifecta!

Another said:

It was over burgers and fries…I’m here all day.

While another added:

I’m assuming their milkshakes didn’t bring all the boys to the yard?!

While it’s a funny story, it’s no laughing matter. Things can get heated when it comes to those delicious patties of fresh ground beef, limitless supplies of fries cooked in peanut oil, and a countless selection of drinks… Is it lunchtime yet?

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