Five People Who Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons In 2015


This year saw a lot of people go viral for reasons they probably now regret.

Back before everyone had a camera phone with them at all times, I’m sure it was a lot easier to go wild in the streets and shout at some kids without facing any repercussions.

But that’s just not a luxury we can afford anymore, and all of our actions seem to be caught on camera, ready to be uploaded to the internet and find its way onto UNILAD for you all to laugh at.

These people know what I’m talking about…

The Angry Man Who Really Didn’t Want To Give These Kids Their Ball Back


This guy.

This guy in all his aggressive glory. This guy who is absolutely outraged that some pesky kids have gone and trespassed into his garden to get their ball back.

He’s angry. So, so angry, and as a consequence of their actions these youths will be forced to ‘answer a charge of burglary’.

Anyway, enough chat, watch this video. You won’t regret it:

Whatever you do, DON’T. GIVE. HIM. LIP.

Woman Dancing On Car With Arse Out While Kids Walk By

arse out ytYouTube

Won’t someone please think of the children?

Well, this woman won’t, that’s for sure. Earlier this year video emerged online of a woman in London having a great time on the roof of a car, enjoying a bit of a boogie while she holds up traffic.

She shakes her exposed booty while drinking what looks like a delicious can of lager, in front of a group of schoolchildren.

Her one-woman dance party went viral, unsurprisingly.

The McDonald’s Bastard Who Threw Water At A Homeless Man

mcdonalds ytYouTube

This absolute bastard of a McDonald’s employee pulled the shadiest move ever on a homeless man.

In the video footage the man initially seemed to be doing a good deed, offering food to the guy, but as he lured the man closer and closer to the kiosk to give him the burger, the McDonald’s worker threw a cup of water over him.

The cruel act went viral, with calls for the fast food chain to sack the man for his behaviour, which they did do – couldn’t happen to a nicer cunt.

These Guys Who Thought It’d Be Fun To Eat The World’s Hottest Chilli

First We FeastYouTubeFirst We Feast/YouTube

Let’s be honest, this probably isn’t the brightest idea ever…

Eating the ‘world’s hottest chilli pepper’ would always end badly, even if you had gallons of milk nearby to soothe the fiery pain.

At first, they seem to be enjoying the spicy peppers, but after a few seconds it descends into pure, unadulterated pain.

From there on in one of the guys, Klaus, pretty much permanently waves his hands about, sticks his fingers in his ears and gets all the hiccups. Not fun times.

Ronnie Pickering

pickering ytYouTube

This was the year that the great man himself parachuted onto the viral video scene.

Don’t fuck with Ronnie Pickering.

Earlier in the year this guy found out the hard way when he had the audacity to question Ronnie Pickering’s authority on the road.

In the amazing footage that went about as viral as viral can be, Ronnie Pickering does what he does best – challenges a scooter driver to a bare knuckle boxing match on the side of the road as his wife looks on, thinking to herself, “For fuck’s sake Ronnie Pickering, not again.”

And of course it didn’t end there, and the unstoppable Pickering express bulldozed through the internet for months afterwards.

He went on to appear at a nightclub in Coventry, and then auctioned his car on eBay, obviously.

I wonder what Ronnie Pickering’s up to these days…