Five Storey Home With ‘World’s Best Sea Views’ Is Over Cliff Edge

House hanging off cliffCover Images

I’ve spent so long trying (and desperately failing) to save for my first home that I’ve never actually thought about the kind of place I’d like to buy.

I’ve always figured that, if I save up the thousands of pounds needed to buy somewhere, I’ll just know which one is for me.

So I’ve never made a check-list of what I’d want my dream home to look like, although I can 100 per cent guarantee ‘hanging off a cliff edge’ wouldn’t be one of my criteria.

Or maybe it would, if it was a five-storey luxury property which boasts some of the best sea views in the world, because who could pass up on that?

Australian prefab architecture specialists, Modscape Concept, have designed a house which is surely any ocean-lover’s dream; homeowners would get unbeatable views of the sea below.

The firm created the design in response to a growing number of clients wanting options for living on extreme coastal plots in Australia – and this is certainly extreme.

House hanging off cliffCover Images

While still just in its design stages, the home – called Cliff House – was inspired by the shape of barnacles clinging to the body of a ship and extends off the side of a cliff, rather than sitting on top of one. Which is genuinely terrifying, but y’know.

The floors are arranged vertically, with the rooms stacked on top of each other and held securely in place with engineered steel pins. Anyone brave enough to buy the home would enter at floor level (on the cliff top), which includes an outdoor patio as well as a car parking space.

Residents can then either choose to go downstairs using the elevator or stairs, which will take them to the bedroom, living area, and kitchen area on separate spaces on the different floors.

On the bottom floor, there is another outdoor space which gives the impression it is floating above the water. Patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, and a hot tub all feature to further emphasise the outdoor feel.

House hanging off cliffCover Images
House hanging off cliffCover Images

Although it is still just a concept, the firm hopes Cliff House could provide efficient and innovative housing in rocky areas which were previously deemed unlivable.

What do you think? Would you dare to live on a cliff edge for the sake of the incredible views (and the hot tub, and the outdoor patio, and everything else inside)?

Or would the thought of the cliff edge be enough to scare you away forever?

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